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The most recent updates can be found at the bottom of this page. If free stuff companies never been here before, read on I'm not poor; I'm not rich.

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I'm just an average guy. In fact, who I am is actually irrelevant to this experiment. I just figured I'd introduce myself for the sake of formality. How This Started I was sitting around one day, skimming through a pile of bills that I needed free stuff companies pay.

Or can you? With that said, I decided I was going to try something — I was going to take my roll of stamps and send letters to different companies, asking for free stuff.

My Initial Goal My initial free stuff companies was a little different than what I actually ended up doing. When I started this experiment, I'd planned sex with older ladys in lilburn ga.

Swinging. walking around my house, grabbing various products totaland pulling the mailing address off of each one. Easy, no? This proved to be way more difficult than I'd anticipated. First off, most of the products I picked up had the company's fdee, state, and zip code on them, but no actual address. It became obvious ladyboy experience early that finding products around my house with different addresses wasn't free stuff companies to be as easy as I thought it sex finding app going to be.

I needed to change my plan a fere My Modified Goal By about the "60 address" mark, I fell into a slump.

The $39 Experiment: Asking Random Companies for Free Stuff

I had exhausted every product in my house. I was amazed at how housewives seeking sex tonight Myrtle Creek Oregon different products were made by only a small handful of companies. I realized that if I wanted to get company free stuff companies, I was going to have to think outside of my house. So, I broadened my free stuff companies and starting pulling addresses of other companies — fast food joints, hotels, car rental companies, auto manufacturers I figured, "Hey, a freebie's a freebie.

The Finished Product About ten hours over the course of two days and exactly two bloodshot eyes later, it was complete. I had letters to different companies — stuffed, sealed, stamped, and ready to go.

I put all letters into the mail on Friday, February 24, at 9 AM. Now all that was left to do was sit back and wait for a response or two?

Random Conclusions Once I had companiea letters, I reviewed my work and came to a few random conclusions: A surprising number of companies mostly big companies have no mention of their company address anywhere — not on their products, not on their websites, nowhere I guess big feee don't use snail mail these days.

Of the products which did free stuff companies company addresses on them, most were amateur submitted homemade porn from Cambridge products from small companies — or pet products.

Almost every bag comanies dog treats that I looked at had a company address on it, whereas not one human snack product that I looked at did I guess they're not afraid of dogs writing free stuff companies and complaining to.

The majority of "cosmetic" products soaps, detergents, toothpastes, cosmetics, cleaning products. I plan to start using shampoo as mouthwash and companirs cream, being that they all come from the same general place.

Some company addresses were so difficult to find, it almost seemed intentional. In a few cases, I had to free stuff companies to a consumer advocacy site like my3cents. The List It was at about this point when I decided that it would be fun to put this experiment online for others to check.

Below, you'll sex disney games all free stuff companies letters that I sent out to the different companies I'd selected. You'll notice that Free stuff companies "tested the waters" a bit in some of the letters — some of them are simple and to the point, while others are way more off-the-wall. I think as I went along, I started to get a little more "ballsy", and I started to have more fun writing the letters. I'm naughty wife seeking nsa Brampton Ontario to find out which "style" of companise does better, in terms of actually bringing in free product.

As any responses or free product come in, this free stuff companies will be updated. Dear Sir or Madam: I have been using Reynolds foil religiously for more than ten years. In fact, I cook with it everyday!

Whether I'm wrapping something in it to steam or putting something messy on top of it to bake, Free stuff companies just love the stuff. Would you happen to have any free product or samples that you could send me?

I'd definitely appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!

Tom Companifs, Reynolds foil enthusiast. Three cent coupons free stuff companies Propel. I love the many flavors of your Propel drink. It seems that you're coming out with new flavors all the time, which is great! Please send me a bottle of your favorite flavor free stuff companies Propel. I can't decide on my favorite, so I'd like to female strippers fucking yours.

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Tom Locke, natural free stuff companies enthusiast. Four free cans of compressed air. I can't begin to tell you how much I love your Air Stufv product. I use it for things way beyond what I bet it was intended. Sure, I dust my keyboard with it — but I free stuff companies my furniture and my dog with it, too!

Yes, my dog! I have a Husky, and he sheds like crazy, and your Air Duster works great free stuff companies removing excess fur from. Anyway, can you send me a free wtuff or two? Whatever you can do would be great. Tom Locke, canned air enthusiast. Three cent coupons for Purell.

I am in love with your Purell hand sanitizer. Never before have I thought that a product composed free stuff companies of alcohol could actually moisturize my hands.

Your hand sanitizer free stuff companies just. Do you have any free samples of this product that I could have? Thank you. Tom Locke, hygiene enthusiast. Told me "no" — sent me. I love your monthly product flyers they're quite witty. I also love your products.

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I always free stuff companies to Trader Joe's for specialty sauces and exotic and foreign oddities. Do you have any free product samples that you could send me? Nothing easily perishable, of course. But maybe something like that good anti-Ox-idant berry and nut trail mix? Or something else? I just adult dating Orlando surprises!

Tom Locke, gourmet food enthusiast. Told me to buy my own gum — and where to buy it! I am a gum addict. I have tried every flavor of gum made, and nothing compares to your Eclipse "Cherry Ice". free stuff companies

I Searching Nsa Sex Free stuff companies

Did you stop making that flavor? I've heard people say that it tastes like a cough drop to them — but I love the flavor.

Please send me free samples of any and every single gum flavor you have and can send me. I love gum more than I can put free stuff companies words. Remember that girl from Willy Wonka, always chewing gum? I put that girl to shame.

4 Ways to Get Companies to Send You Free Stuff - wikiHow

Tom Locke, gum enthusiast. Please send me a free sample of every Kraft product. If free stuff companies are hesitant to send highly perishable items free stuff companies cheese, I fully understand. I'll take whatever you. Tom Locke, food enthusiast. I bought a bag of rubber bands from a Target store a few days back, and I must say — I'm very pleased with.

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They were made by "work. Please send me a free bag of these rubber bands, so that I may share them with my friends.