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Free police auction cars

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Let me tell you, friend: So on Saturday morning, he drove me to a small gravel impound lot in the suburbs of Michigan, csrs a bunch of tattered old cars sat under the scrupulous eyes of potential bidders.

Before we started, Kevin checked in at the front desk the window of a school bussigned some paperwork and received a bidder card and an auction list. From there we walked the yard, and while I free police auction cars drooling over a Jeep Cherokee, vree was looking over each car with a fine-toothed comb.

But Kevin has a sharp eye for VIN codes, which he can decipher to figure out more about the engine.

Couple his VIN-reading skills with free police auction cars knowledge of what engine and car parts are in high demand and which parts fit which carsand Kevin always knows exactly how much he wants to spend on each vehicle. The cool thing about this police auction is that the auctioneer conducted all the bidding from a school bus.

The bidding started out fairly tame.

As for the awesome Ford Escort wagon? You could tell that most people knew each.

It felt like these few dozen bidders were part of an exclusive network of junkyard owners and flip-artists who have been bidding on cars against each other for years. Police auctions are full of free police auction cars and secrets. People were on their cellphones taking auxtion from free police auction cars, others fres desperately eyeing the cars to see if the panels and bumper covers were in decent enough shape to make some cash at the current bidding price.

Though there were only a handful of folks at this little auction, the dynamic—the subtle things people did to make sure they made a sound buying decision—was enthralling. You could tell there was tension in the air as we started getting to the more desirable cars. The free police auction cars crown jewel of this little police auction was a gorgeous Hyundai Elantra that, at least on free police auction cars outside and in the interior, looked very well maintained.

Plus, it came with keys, which is always a plus.

Getting that starting bid was no trouble, but from there, a white-haired gentleman went toe-to-toe with another guy in an orange shirt. With free police auction cars big jumps, it was obvious the orange-shirted man wanted this Hyundai. Orange shirt: White hair: Acution a lull ensues.

After the Hyundai came a white Jeep Cherokee, a vehicle that many junkyards would love to have in their inventory as Jeep parts tend to sell. Just look at this marvelous piece of machinery:. After paying up or putting down free police auction cars hold venezualan men, buyers had 24 hours to return and tow their newly purchased vehicles off the lot.

Sure, many of these cars were junk, but they were dirt cheap. Writer, Jalopnik. The A.

Filed to: Share This Story. God I Love Junkers.

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